Who Is?

From Deepest Depths of the Ocean to the Peaks of the Highest Mountain, From the Open planes Down to the Darkest Swamp driven through the Valves of Dirty rocking blues.

wally-2 copyA cocktail of love, longing and loud-as-a-loon driving bass, guitar and drums. Ballads cranked and squeezed through feedback and distortion.

June 2015, Sir Walter J will be releasing his latest album, UkedeliA (links to Soundcloud), Heavily based in the Blues he refuses to get into a locked in a box and takes freely from different Genres. This guy stands alone… ‘Things aren’t always what they seem.’

UkedeliA Comes from ‘The Psychedelic Ukelele’ to which half the Album is played on. A new Genre….. For those who have yet to experience the mega-octane, yet enigmatic phenomenon that is Sir Walter J Wallis, he describes his music as: “Dirty rockin’ blues served on a platter of carnage with an eclectic soundscape.”

Or, “Think Seasick Steve, meets Sly and the Family Stone, meets Captain Beefheart.” – and be prepared for anything!  You can shop at the website: sirwalterjwallis.com, and follow Sir Walter J Wallis on Facebook to keep in touch. Downloads will be available on itunes or send a message and order via Facebook . The earlier album ‘The Road To Burlesque,’ and his Book of Poetry ‘Petty Cash’ are also available. The book is described simply as ‘A collection of doodles from his many travels’.

‘Arise Sir Walter J Wallis’